Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

The days and weeks are just flying by and the Esther Price chocolates that Hubs gave me for Valentine's Day are almost gone.  Oh, how will I make it through? :P

I'm so relieved to be at this point in school.  We finished three history books and started two more.  The Story of the World is a wonderful book.  I had the kids in stitches the other day as I read them a story from it!  We acted it out along the way.  We used props and elevated ourselves on stools.  It was so refreshing to have fun while learning!

For notebooking, I created some pages with images and lines that make writing summaries a little more fun.  Emily doesn't care much for "coloring" anymore, so I decided it's better to provide a printed image rather than have her draw one.  She loves to draw on her own, and does very well.  But it's not worth the fight to have her draw on a history notebook page!  When I have the time to figure out how to post links to PDF files, I will post the pages I made.  Maybe they will save someone else some time in creating their own.

We were behind on our timeline because, again, no one wants to color the timeline pieces.  I always ended up doing it, and frankly, I'm tired of coloring them, too!  Soooooo, I decided to create the rest on the computer, using images I found on the internet.  I love the way they turned out, especially since we have a new color laser printer!  (More about that later.)  The timeline runs like a wallpaper border about a foot below our ceiling.  Not exactly ideal.  It's difficult to reach and isn't well visible.  Does anyone have any other great ways to do a timeline?  I love having it displayed, I just wish we could see it better.  But, wall space is limited.  Once, we tried a timeline on a big roll of paper and that didn't really work well.

Ok, back to the printer.  I love this printer!!!  Love, love, love it!  We've always bought color inkjet printers that lasted a few years (or less) and ate up pricey ink cartridges.  We got a great deal on this laser printer but it is the quality of laser printers that sold us on buying one.  We've had a black laser printer for over 10 years and haven't had any problems with it.  And it was used when we got it!  So I'm hoping for the same longevity with this new one.  It prints so nice; so professional looking! 

To sum up other parts of our crazy lives...

* Emily is doing great in gymnastics.  She got a 8.5 on bars at her last competition, which awarded her FIRST PLACE in her group!!!  She was so excited!

* Katie is playing basketball right now, and LOVING it!  She scores baskets at almost every game.  Even the boys on her team high-five her, which I think is pretty awesome!  I wish basketball ran longer because she loves it so much.

* We've had head colds, sinus/allergy issues, and stomach viruses.  And I've had constant ringing in my ears for weeks - ever since I had a really bad cold at the end of January.  The doctor said it's tinnitus, brought on by my cold, and there's nothing I can do about it but hope it goes away.  Oh Lord, please make it go away!

* Hubs has several work trips planned this year and we are trying to decide which ones we'll make into a family trip.  Choices are Seattle, Orlando, and Mira Loma (CA).  He will also go to Detroit a few times but we don't really count that since it's much closer to home.  Lots to consider!

* We are half way through co-op already and we missed more than half of it so far, mostly due to illnesses.  I filled in for the anatomy teacher this week, which made me a bit nervous since I despise all things medical.  But, I survived and actually enjoyed it.  Now, if she needs a helper for dissection, I'm outta there!  Been there.  Done that.  Passed out.  I'm not your girl for dissection!

* We are looking into a new co-op for next year and it meets on Fridays rather than Mondays, which I think would be a nice change.  And, they meet only in the morning (well, until 12:30), which would also be nice.  We'll see.  I'm praying about it.  It is bigger and well organized, and I already know of a few girls the same ages as mine, so that's a plus, too.

That's about it.  This is definitely not a Wordless Wednesday post!  Hope ya'll are having a great week!


  1. Good to hear how things are going for you guys!

    Please Please tell me details about your printer!! We are looking right now at getting a color laser printer and I would love suggestions!

    On the trips--definitely go to Seattle!

  2. Hi Lisa~just caught up with your blog. I'm sorry some things in the curriculum have been difficult. It alwas takes me awhile to get into a good groove with the material, even with MFW. Your Roman feast looked like fun! I hope the stuff with your gym worked itself out. We are just switching gyms with Abby to one that is closer to our new home.

    I hope good health is around the corner for your family!