Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Still Here

We've been dealing with some challenging issues recently, including illnesses, ringing ears (mine), and a very stressful situation involving the gym where Emily takes gymnastics.  I will not discolse any details, but would greatly appreciate prayers.  God knows the situation.

I do have pictures to share, but not today.  I'm tired and I haven't downloaded them yet.  Valentine's Day was strange this year, mostly due to our recent circumstances.  But we made the most of it and the kids were happy.

I've been messing with my blog again.  When will I ever learn?  Never.  I like a change of scenery. :)

Speaking of changing scenery, we want to move.  We want a house in the country, on a small piece of land.  I'm tired of disrespectful kids plowing through our yard, hanging on our trees & pulling branches off to play with.  My cousin got his eye poked out with a stick when he was young and now has a glass eye.  So playing with sticks is not happening around here.  I'm usually a non-confrontational person, but safety comes first, so I had a chat with those kids.  Their parents don't watch them.  They live on another street and are allowed to roam quite far from their house, even at the young age of 6!  One night, two kids came to our door around 7 or 8 looking for the little 6yo girl.  This happens quite often.  It's so sad.  But this isn't the only reason why we want to move.  I grew up in the country and hubs has developed a desire for country living.  I miss it terribly.

Our co-op has been back in session for four weeks now but we've made it only once.  Katie had a stomach virus so we couldn't go to co-op on Monday.  The kids were disappointed to miss their Valentine party, but they seemed to get over it quickly.  I took them to an American Girl tea party Sunday afternoon, so at least they did something fun.  I wasn't supposed to go.  My mother-in-law got the tickets and planned on taking them herself.  But she was sick and couldn't go.  Both of the girls won a door prize, which made their day!

I just had to share this picture.  We watched Mr. Popper's Penguins for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it!  Even Daddy thought it was a great movie.  Are these little guys so cute?

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