Monday, August 15, 2011

Our trip to Michigan - The Blueberry Capitol of the World

Honestly, if I lived in Michigan, I think I'd have a blueberry farm!  How do Michigan folks contain themselves with all those blueberries around?

Last week, hubs had to work in Detroit so we all packed up and spent the week camping in our home away from home (aka, our camper).

It was great to get away and probably the last time we'll be able to before starting school.  We started off in the Detroit area and ended up along the east coast of Lake Michigan.  We entertained the idea of heading north to Mackinac City & Mackinac Island but in the end, we chose to go west to South Haven.  We've been there before and are fond of that area.

Turns out, we made a good choice because a kidney stone decided to present itself early in the week.  Seriously!  I'm so glad we didn't go up north because I would not have been able to truly enjoy it.  At least I've been to South Haven before, so I didn't feel like I was missing out as much.

We were still able to do some bike riding...

Enjoy trips to the beach...

Check out these monster waves!

Watch the sunset over the lake...

Play at the playground on the beach...

Walk and shop around town...

Play & swim at the lake & beach at the campground...

Pick blueberries...

Make & eat blueberry pancakes...

And walk out to the lighthouse on the pier...

All these memories would not have been made had I not drank plenty of water, walked a lot, and took pain medication.  I'm so thankful that we were still able to make the best of it and I truly felt blessed to have had the opportunity to go in the first place.

This may be the most precious of all the memories made.  On Friday morning, when I woke up, Katie says "Good morning Momma.  How are you feeling today?"  As if that wasn't sweet enough, she then says "Last night I prayed for your kidney to feel better and for that stone to come out."  God bless that child!  When I got up and went to the bathroom, Katie waited right by the door and before I could even wash my hands, she asked if my pee looked better.  I was happy to report that it did!  It still wasn't completely clear, but it was better than the previous day.  And throughout the day, it cleared up completely and the pain disappeared.  There's something to be said about the faith of a child.

Another highlight was the ice cream (I got blueberry, of course) we got at the local parlor.  We even ate it before we ate dinner!  (Gasp!)  Best of all, we enjoyed each other.

Despite the kidney stone, it was a great week!


  1. I"m so glad you had such a good time! And that you're feeling better.

    A friend of mine took my girls to South Haven on Friday. They found out later that there were warnings about being in the lake because the waves were so big! They had a blast though. Oh, and they stopped and got ice cream too! : )

  2. Yay Michigan! Our neighbors have half an acre of blueberries growing wild in their forest. Our kids were going nuts yesterday :)

  3. Hi Lisa!

    Looks like your Blueberry filled Michigan vacation was perfect!

    Just stopping by to let you know HHinMFW will start next Thursday. Hope you can join us!

    Kathi & Kattie

  4. I live in MI and NEVER picked blueberries!! In my defense, none of us eat them, except Hubs. Glad you had a good vaca, despite the pain.