Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Week in Review

Monday was great. I took Katie to the pool while Emily was at gymnastics practice. It's really special to have some one-on-one time once in a while. It was great to be out in the sun for a while.

Tuesday wasn't so wonderful for me. It will be in the long run but I don't like shots and I got one at the doctor's office on Tuesday. I nearly fainted in the office twice and felt shaky for several hours afterwards. I know it's all in my head, and I tell myself to chill out, and I pray, but it doesn't work. :(

In the afternoon, we went to a new friend's house with a few familiar friends to discuss our new and upcoming co-op. I'm sure I'll share plenty about this during the school year. Anyway, being there talking with other women helped take my wimpy mind off the shot and helped me to relax. I was so worked up over it that I fell asleep at 9:00 that night! Being the night owl that I am, this is so not normal for me!

We just hung out at home all day Wednesday. I was still not feeling 100%, especially since I had a bruise from the shot I got. (That totally sounds like a line from a Dr. Seuss book!)  At some point, I managed to begin cleaning the office/classroom.  I seriously don't know how this happens! This room was fairly clean a few weeks ago, I promise!

After a while, I quit.  I have to pace myself, you know!  Certainly wouldn't want to exhaust all my energy in one room!

We went to Ikea on Thursday but didn't buy anything except for a box in the clearance section for $1.00. We ate lunch there and turns out that kids eat free during the entire month of August! I had three kids with me that day, so I was thrilled!

Friday was FUN DAY!  We went to yard sales (part of the "World's Longest Yard Sale") and found a few bargains, these purses being a couple of them...

After trotting around at yard sales, we joined my parents and brother's family at a family festival where we enjoyed a free lunch, snacks, sno-cones, ice cream, and games. 

It was provided by the electric company and they do it once a year.  They always have educational games and information, the environmental trailer, a small petting zoo, carnival games, crafts, face painters, balloon animals, pie eating contests, and more!  All FREE!  And for just a $1.00 donation, you could sit for a few minutes while an artist draws a caricature of you.  Katie couldn't wait to have one drawn.

The sheriff & fire departments were also there with freebies.  We got a pizza cutter, water bottles, fingerprint booklets for each child, and other things.

The best part was when Emily was playing a game, I looked back to see where Katie was and this is what I saw...
Look closely - there is a SNAKE around her neck!!!  A real, live snake!  Oh my goodness.  I had to get a picture of that.

The fun day didn't end there.  We had a gymnastics awards ceremony and banquet to attend in the evening.  Emily got awarded for most improved on the bars.  It was a great year of gymnastics and we learned a lot about what it's like having a child on a gymnastics team.

The banquet was fun.  Kids swam while the adults socialized.

What wasn't fun was the fact that hubs couldn't join us because he spent the entire night working on the brakes on the truck.  The pads, rotors, and calipers were all BAD!  The front brakes were almost non-existent.  Thank God we didn't have any accidents.  I always felt like those brakes weren't right because stopping seemed to take much longer for the truck than my car.  I figured it was because the truck was heavier and I didn't drive it all the time and just wasn't used to it.  But I still had a weird feeling about it.  Turns out, my instinct was right.  There's something to be said about "women's intuition."

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  1. Oh a snake! How disgusting. That would make me dizzy and shake and send me to my bed for sure. I can not stand snakes.

    Needles don't bother me at all. I guess they did at one point but being a diabetic gets you over that really quick. We counted 3000 needles from January thru June alone this year.

    What is the deal with the school room? I leave mine tidy in June and come the end of August it is a disaster! We've been working on getting it ready for school this week and it has been, as always, a lot of effort to get it back in order.

    Happy Saturday,


  2. SNAKE!!!!! Holy moly, I got the willies just lookin at that. :)