Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since we've been completely satisfied with our curriculum over the past four years - wow, did I really just say 4 years? - we are sticking with it.  If it's not broke, don't fix it, right?

Well, our first year, we used FIAR (Five in a Row).  This was our rookie year and it went great for what we needed at that time.  I remembering feeling so incredibly clueless!  FIAR was perfect for us even though I spent that entire year questioning if we were doing enough... If what we were doing was what we were supposed to be doing... If it was all worth it.  It was totally worth it!

Without further ado, this year...
our 5th year of homeschooling...
we will use......

My Father's World (aka: MFW)
Rome to Reformation (RTR)...

This will be the first year that both children will learn from the same curriculum, for the most part.  That is, once Katie finishes her work in MFW First Grade.  We didn't quite get through it since we took our trip to California and all back in the Spring.  My intention was to finish school before leaving for our trip, but that didn't quite happen.  Oh well.  We did plenty of learning while we were there!

Because I like the "old school" Charlotte Mason method of teaching/learning, we will continue our work in Intermediate Language Lessons for Emily while Katie will begin Primary Language Lessons this year.  I'm not sure when that will happen, but I'm sure it will happen this year.  Writing Strands is something we'll pick back up as well.

For math, RightStart has carried us through thus far and "it ain't broke" either!  Although, Katie seems to have a little bit different learning style than Emily that doesn't require as much fluff, so we may not use as many manipulatives with her.  She does, however, like colorful pages, of which RightStart does not have.  So we'll just have to play it out and see what happens.

We picked up the Wilson Reading System at a private Christian school sale.  They decided to close their doors and sell all their stuff.  I scored this entire system for only $35, and it includes 2 sets of student books!  I know very little about it but if it works for us, great.  If not, I'm confident that I can sell it and probably at least double my money.

Spelling will begin with Sequential Spelling.  I'm still on the fence out what to use for Katie.  MFW recommends using Spelling by Sound and Structure, which is probably what I'll end up with for her.  I generally like what MFW recommends.  Generally.

Lastly, I love the idea of using the McGuffey Readers.
William McGuffey is actually from our area and an entire section of our local college library is devoted to him.  In fact, I'm planning a field trip there this year.  If you don't know much about these books, I encourage you to research them on the internet.  They may not be a fit for everyone, but I believe they are somewhat of a treasure. :)

My kids will take art and science classes at co-op, as well as doing some at home in some form or another.  You will just have to read future posts to see what do, because I'm sure it will vary!

We don't have an official start date yet since we will be taking another (shorter) trip next week.  Going north this time to one of my favorite states - Michigan!  I love Michigan in the summer, especially along the east coast of Lake Michigan.  It's just beautiful.  Love the lighthouses.  Love the beaches.  Love the scenery.  Love the towns.  Anyway, hubs has to work in MI one day, so we are all going together and taking the rest of the week to relax and enjoy. We will probably begin school on Aug. 22.  But don't hold me to that!

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  1. I hope this school year is a good one for you guys!

    You'll be really close to where we live when you take your trip!

  2. Lisa,

    We don't start until October. We go on vacation in September and into the first week of October so it doesn't make a lot of sense to start for 1 week and then take 3 weeks off. Last year we needed some routine to get us out of the funk so we started in August. That was kind of weird, but just we needed at the time. We agreed it was nice to have several weeks under our belt when we returned from vacation.

    We love McGuffey readers. Brianna was particularly disappointed when she finished the series.

    Glad to be able to see your blog again!


  3. I bet it's so nice to finally feel like you've hit that groove! I think we're getting there...

    Have a great year!!!