Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blogger Comments

While there are many blogs I'd like to comment on, Blogger sends me in circles when trying to do so.  It's not all blogs, but it is many of them.  So frustrating!


  1. Lisa, how do I add my own signature to the bottom of my blog posts after I have created one? I created one and it gives me an ID number. What do I do with it then? THanks for your help!! Amy -momscoffeetime

  2. I had the same problem...but FIXED IT! When you sign in to Blogger, make sure the "stay signed in" box is NOT checked! that is the problem! keep it unchecked and you shouldn't have any more issues! :)

  3. Lisa,

    If I use Internet Explorer to access blogger, I get stuck in the same loop and can not leave comments. However, if I log on through Google chrome, I have no trouble. I was getting frustrated and I called in the big guns, Brianna, and she suggested using another browser. Sure enough, that was the key... although, she can't explain why.