Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Learning really can be fun!

This was the best week of school we've had yet this year.  The subject matter (Ancient Egypt pyramids & mummies) drew my kids in so fast that they didn't even realize they were learning!

We made more pyramids...
...this time, out of  paper & sand.  Emily even made a double coffin for her pharoah!  Katie wanted to mummify her doll but I told her we had to wait until Mommy goes to the store to stock up on toilet paper.  That's not something I want to run out of and I certainly wouldn't want to unwrap a mummy for more practical purposes!

We meant to make a reed boat but was unable to find the basket material needed for the project.  We may still try to make the base of the boat this weekend.  And since we learned about how Ancient Egyptians made paper, we might make our own paper this weekend too.

RightStart Math is going great, for both kids.  I'm so pleased with this program, I can't speak highly enough about it.  Learning mental math has already proven itself worthy to all of us!

Emily started reading Pathway Readers a few weeks ago and loves the stories so much that I usually don't have to remind her to read every day.

We've had some issues with the little 4-year-old girl next door coming over every day during school hours wanting the girls to play.  No matter what we said to her, or how we tried to avoid her, she persistently returned every 20 minutes!  She even came right up to our windows several times, knocking on them and hollaring for the kids.  Finally, on Tuesday, I had had enough.  I stepped outside to chat with her...again.  As sweet as she is, I had to be stearn.  I told her that if she keeps coming during school I'd have to talk to her daddy about it (he's home all day).  We haven't seen her during school since.  She fears her daddy, so I guess I said the magic words.  I hope so because that was such a huge distraction.  She would ring the doorbell several times in a row, pound on the door and hollar all at once hoping for someone to answer.  It really made us wonder if she did that on days we weren't home, like on co-op or field trip days.

All in all, it really was a great week.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Katie got a part in the Christmas Musical at church!  She'll be one of the nativity characters.  She doesn't have any lines, which is a good thing since she's not totally reading on her own just yet.  She's happy about being chosen for a nativity charachter!

And while I'm bragging about my kids, I'll mention that Emily will be competing at her first gymnastics meet next Saturday!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. That would be annoying to have that child knock and ring all day. Her dad should be playing with her. She must be bored out of her mind. I wonder if he even knows she's doing it.

  2. Hi! My daughter is doing MFW 1st too, and we are using Horizons math. I am really not a fan of it, but she likes the brightly colored worksheets. A friend let me borrow her RightStart Math Games, we are really enjoying them. I will definately check it out for next year!