Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preparation: Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

I'm excited to share what God is teaching me so far in our studies on Creation to the Greeks.  We just completed our first full week in our lesson plans and I'm so glad that we don't skim over or skip the Bible lessons as I believe they are an integral part of this curriculum.  As stated in Celebrating Biblical Feasts, one hour of Sunday School a week is just not enough for our kids to learn the depth of the Scriptures.  We cannot rely solely on the church to teach our kids (or us) about everything God intended for us to learn!

Creation.  It's a deep subject.  It's a debated subject.  Creation teaches us so much about God and about the way we should live our lives.  God created many amazing things....on the first six days.  After He saw all that was good, He rested.  Do we rest?  Do we really rest?  Again, in Celebrating Biblical Feasts, we learn that the word rest doesn't always mean to lay down and close your eyes, or to just sit like a couch potato.  It's a fun word!  It means you can freely enjoy your day, to do whatever you like to do, not what you must do.

A very important revelation that hit me today regarding Creation is this:  Preparation.  God spent six days preparing to spend His seventh day resting and enjoying the fruits of His labor.  Why does this hit so close to home for me?  Well, I'm a procrastinator.  Almost everything I do is done in the last hour.  Don't get me wrong, procrastination sometimes has benefits (I'll save that for another post if/when it's appropriate).  But all too often, I'm cramming to prepare school lessons or, more often than I care to admit, I'm stumbling through them because I haven't prepared at all.  There's the confession.  Ahhh, I feel freedom!

Learning is only part of the equation.  I must apply what I learn to honor God; to honor the Sabbath.  So, I will try not to be lazy, especially when it comes to lesson preparation, because that's where I really feel God is speaking to me.  Here I've been sulking over being called out of my Bible study group (my comfort zone) only to find that God is providing a new form of study for me!  I'm not missing a thing!  Isn't God GOOD?!!?!!


  1. Yes, God is Good! Thank you for this encouraging post!! We've started our homeschool year this week on a really light foot. Pretty much having devotions and reading. Reading the Bible, reading for fun as well. Ironically we have been studying the book of Genesis. We will be on chapter 3 tomorrow. I enjoyed reading your post and learning your perspective. I was encouraged by it! I really enjoy connecting with other homeschool moms, too bad not more were in my area. Thank you for doing what you are doing, it helps me know I'm NOT alone! Blessings to you dear blogger friend! {ps our two daughters names are Emily and Katie, actually Kaitlyn but we call her Katie. Too neat huh? I think that's what your daughters names are?} Thank you for stopping by!! Happy September!! Amy

  2. I think that is th theme of school this year, for everyone I know. We all seem to be buckling down and doing everything we're supposed to. It feels great, deosn't it?

  3. Hi! Newest follower, found you from the wrap-up and Scrapin girl! Must ad,it your description sounds much like me. :)
    conkklan5.blogspot.com Looking forward to reading more