Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Quest for the Missing Puzzle Pieces

Friday Night Fun!!! 
In an effort to part with things we no longer need/use, we came across our puzzle collection.  It truly is a collection!  Over the years, we've gotten rid of many puzzles and this is part of what's left.  And yes, we do have some missing pieces. :(

Katie was never big on puzzles and I never pushed her to do them.  She was the second child and didn't get the one-on-one attention that Emily got.  Poor thing!  In my defense, her birth was very traumatic and was followed by many many doctor and hospital visits, for years.  We did the best we could!  Maybe I'll do more puzzles with her now. :)

Emily, on the other hand, loves puzzles and enjoyed every minute of this!

At some point, we developed a system to at least keep puzzle pieces in their respective box.  We marked the back of each piece with a number or letter.  If/when they got mixed up (as they inevidably did), we could quickly organize them by simply looking at the back of the pieces rather than assembling each puzzle to figure it out.  I only wish we had thought of that much sooner!  Better late than never. 

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  1. Puzzles...what fun! My Emily loves them too. Our Katie, we haven't introduced them to her for fear she may eat them or ruin them or get them lost. Nice post! Blessings to you! Amy ♥