Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dare I Get Excited???

Guess who's been reading all day?  Katie!  And she's actually excited about it!  While waiting on dinner, Katie spent a considerable amount of time reading the short story books she made at the end of Kindergarten.  Then, she read them again tonight before going to bed, with much excitement!

As if that's not enough, my almost always reluctant reader, Emily, found a new love in a Pathway Reader book!  She even said that it is the "best book ever!"  Kudos to the Amish for creating a masterpiece in the eyes of a skeptic!  Usually, Emily will read for five or ten minutes and ask if that was enough.  We send her back to read more and she comes back five minutes later, once again asking if that was enough.  This usually goes on for a good half hour to 40 minutes.  This time, we sent her to her to read and she never came back.  Honestly, I thought the child had fallen asleep!  Eventually, she came back with a welcoming smile on her face, excited to tell us all about what she had read.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!  It's gives me a warm, fuzzy, calming feeling, especially after having such a strange beginning to the week.  I think we'll celebrate with a field trip tomorrow!  And I'm not even packing lunch!