Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a Day!

We got started early today and still didn't finish until 3:30! Is this normal? Somehow, we ended up doing two L.A. lessons and extra spelling using puzzles, which were lots of fun and no one complained about the long day, which was a miracle! When we finally finished, I took the girls swimming to exert some of that bottled up energy! It was well worth it to see their smiling faces as they bobbed in and out of the water!

We cleaned up the school room today (as we do each day) but it is in disarray again. The kids had a friend over this evening and they hung out in the school room, of all places! You would think they had enough of this place for one day! I noticed the kids looking things up in the children's dictionary earlier. Hummmm... I guess that's a good thing!!?

My adult women's Bible study meets on Thursdays, so our school day tomorrow will be flipped. We don't usually get a whole lot done on Thursdays, but that's ok because we always have one light day anyway. I love how MFW builds that into the program! This curriculum is so well suited for us and I feel so blessed to have discovered it.

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