Monday, September 28, 2009

Kingdom Tales

We are loving this book. All the symbolism reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia, which we have not read together yet. If any of you have the first edition of ECC in MFW and didn't know this is recommended in the second edition, please give it a try!  We loved it from the beginning and Emily is actually comprehending far more than I thought she would. I love the brief discussion questions that MFW includes at the end of each chapter. It makes me glad that I decided to order the book directly from MFW instead of trying to find it elsewhere. The interest that this book has sparked is well worth the money spent on it. Truly a good read for adults and children alike. I believe one could read it over and over and pick up different things each time! I love books like this and apparently, Emily does too! Yeah!!!


  1. We are loving it also...the kids are really sad that we only have 2 more chapters and then we will be taking a brake to read a Hero's then and now book! My husband and I are learning and loving the book as much or maybe even more than the kids.

  2. I agree! My son loves this book and my husband does too.

  3. My kids love this book. I wasn't really sure about it, but now I think it's growing on me.