Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too much stuff?

Too much stuff? Oh yes! Way too much!  Visit this blog post at Living Well Spending Less  to read about what one blogger did and the impact it made on her family!

I have been on a slow-paced decluttering spree for quite some time, until last month when I spent a considerable amount of time filtering through boxes of misc. stuff.  Stray puzzle pieces, battery covers, marbles, doll shoes, socks, screws, candles… you name it! Left to my husband, all those boxes would have just been tossed out to the trash. But I cannot stand wastefulness and I have a pet peeve about keeping sets of things together. With that in mind, I don’t know how so much clutter accumulated in so many boxes!

Anyway, I set up two card tables in our basement and dumped all the misc. stuff on them.  Missing things were found, and puzzles, toy sets and games were made complete. Then, most of it was placed in boxes to be donated.  The process was very slow since I had to work on it in between caring for my family and tending to the housework.  Then, one glorious Saturday, my in-laws took my kids for the entire day!  That’s when the real work began!  My girls' rooms were cleared, closets were cleaned out, and stuff was boxed up.  I removed so much stuff from Katie's room that she's been able to easily keep it clean ever since.  And the stuff that was removed hasn’t even been thought about or asked for!  It’s as if it was never even here in the first place.

We have a long way to go. But this is a great start! And it shows that we really don’t need so much stuff in our lives.

Hold on to the people, not the stuff!  And remember, today's cute is tomorrow's clutter!

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