Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penguin Parade at the Zoo

What a fun afternoon we had at the zoo on Saturday.  The penguin zookeeper brought the penguins out to parade along the walkway while visitors stood beside them amazed at their movement. 
As the cute little creatures were gathered behind a somewhat roped off area, the zookeeper talked about the King penguins, how they live, their habitat, why they are camouflaged in black & white, etc. Then he allowed time for Q&As. Of course, I was taking pictures the entire time!

This little guy here tried his best to slide on the snow, but the ground was flat and he just couldn't go anywhere!  It didn't keep him from trying again though!

Look at their cute little feet!

We had just completed a K lapbook on penguins, so seeing them up close and personal was a nice treat.

After the parade of the penguins, we explored other parts of the zoo and were amazed to see the tigers out.  This one here was either posing or sizing us up for dinner!

Most animals were inside or moved to warmer climates during the winter, but we did see the white tigers, pink flamingos, and numerous peacocks, as well as some animals indoors like some reptiles and birds.

This is the sleeping polar bear's paw.  Huge!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the little squirrel.  I know we see them every day, but sometimes we forget to appreciate them as God's creation along with all the other animals!


  1. Wow-great pictures! I've never thought about going to the zoo in the winter! Glad you had a good week. Love your enthusiasm about math! I've been thinking more and more about incorporating lapbooks in my curricula next year, especially for my younger ones. If you ever want to post any pics of your lapbooks, or where you download them from, I'd love it :)

  2. I love the penguin pictures! God truly did create some amazing creatures.

  3. Watch the trailer for The Zookeeper at

  4. Wonderful pics! Looks like you guys had a blast!I showed them to my oldest son. Your right about the squirrel. We can overlook these little guys. When my oldest was around 2 he would stand by his window and watch the squirrels that were in our backyard (while he was suppose to be taking a nap). When we asked him what he was doing he would say "I waz watchin' squrls"! You have a beautiful blog.

    God Bless.