Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Again, Off Again

All in all, I would consider this a good week.  We had co-op on Monday which gave the kids five different classes in which to learn!  Tuesday went ok; Wednesday & Friday were both great.  Thursday was a day off this week.  We had Bible study in the morning and Hubby was home sick.  I figure that we did so much on Wednesday and Friday that having Thursday off in between was a nice break.

We almost always start our days with Bible reading and move on from there.  We were a bit behind in our geography, so that's what we did next.  Katie (in K) was patiently getting bored with the ECC geography, so she took it upon herself to tear off her next K worksheet and begin working on it!  She had both sides done before I knew it and kept asking for more!  She even got out her blend ladder and textured letters to sound out the blends on her own!  Normally, I'm scrambling back and forth from child to child trying teach & monitor their work.  Today seemed like a breeze thanks to the initiative Katie took.  I can't help but to be a proud mama & teacher!

It didn't end there.  Emily willingly did all that was asked of her, without complaining and completed more than one math lesson almost every day.  She loves math and looks forward to it every day, just like me.  Katie proceeded to excel in her work, completing three days worth in her lesson!  She's in the beginning stages of reading and often gets frustrated when she stumbles on words.  Not today!  She zipped right through like an old pro!

I'm so thankful that God gives us days of encouragement, like this one, so that we remember them during more challenging times.  What a blessing!

Science in ECC is getting more difficult, but oh so interesting!  Some of the terms and concepts are hard to comprehend and I found myself reading some sections multiple times before understanding it.  Our reading today was about caves and it made me want to go on a road trip to Mammoth Cave for the "hands-on" experience!  Maybe we'll get there this summer.  Earlier this week, we learned about Animal Defenses.  We made a matching game with pictures found on the internet (pictures to come), and completed a chart to file in the science section of our notebook.  It was so much fun and we have played the matching game (and our own variations of it) many times this week.  I'm glad we decided to laminate the cards because we've played with them so much!  Emily is already wanting to add more animals to it!

I have more to write about but it will have to wait.  There's just not enough time to tell all at once!

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  1. Glad you had a great week. :) Having weeks like that make having weeks like mine be ok. :) Science is very confusing. I end up skipping it half the time. I get bored reading it, and they almost never understand it. Oh well. Atleast I'm trying it.