Sunday, November 8, 2009

MFW Kindergarten Phonics

We are using this curriculum with our youngest daughter (age 6).  We waited until the end of our last school year to start her in K because she wasn't quite ready until then.  We are starting week 12 this week and we're working on phonics.  My question is, should I make flash cards/ring cards with the words she's learning on the workbook pages each week?  Some of them are names, are the rest of them site words? 

She really wants to learn how to read, but can't learn it all at once!  She gets frustrated with phonics at times, so I don't want to push to the point where she'll hate to read.  I have a big book of Dick and Jane stories.  Any thoughts on using this with our curriculum?

When we read, I move my finger along the words and sometimes she tries to say some of the words and other times she asks me to stop doing that so that she can just look at the pictures.  Does anyone have any insight to offer?  At this point, should I be teaching her site words or wait until we get to first grade?  Should I just stick with the curriculum or add the to it???


  1. It seems to me that most of the words they're using are not sight words. Here's a good site for sight words:
    One thing I've tried with my kids that has had some luck is having them put together the words with magnetic letters or something similar to put the words together.
    I've also heard good things about explode the code.

  2. Thanks Ticia. So do you think that I should start her with sight words even though the curriculum is not teaching them yet?

  3. I know this was a while back, but I just recently realized I have some phonics readers here (You could get these from Scholastic book orders, eBay, or whatever). I am talking about books that are very easy and very repetitive. Example: Dad, See Dad., See Dad is mad., See Dad., See Dad is (happy face pic). I see Dad.

    This gives them a few basic words to sound out mingled with some sight words. I was amazed this week when my daughter read one about 10 pages long with about 3-4 sentences per page. She is just READY and she has been waiting on me to provide it, so I am breaking away from this part of "curriculum" and going with it! TRy it, if you have not, yet. It is awesome. I will still do the curriculum as we come to each thing, but use it to reinforce what she is learning on her own.