Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off to MEXICO!!!

We started off with some turbulence and the landing was rough, but since the kiddos heard about a fiesta with a homemade pinata, the trip took a turn for the better!

Handing out the passport was a fun activity. I'm so glad MFW includes that in the materials. We'll begin our art project (the pinata) tomorrow. The kids are very excited about this, and I am too. I hope I have all the supplies! =)

Our week began with some challenges, but we worked through them and seem to be back on track. ECC takes a while, so it's a big change from last year's Adventures. There is a lot of reading and writing. The good news is that there has been very little complaining about that this year! Last year, we struggled through the language lessons at first because it was such a chore to write. Now, most of the time, Emily just accepts it, does it, and moves on. In fact, some of the dictation actually makes her laugh!

This week, our prayer focus is for the people of Cuba. I got to break out my photo album from my mission trip to Cuba back in 1998 and share some personal stories with the kids. It took extra time, but we had fun flipping through the album. And since we are learning about deserts in science, we discussed our family trip to the Mojave Desert a few years ago where we saw many Joshua Trees. The picture above is one of the many I took on that trip!

The K program is moving along nicely. Katie is learning very quickly - we are actually doing about double what's on the schedule. She'll start 1st grade some time this year; looks like it will be sooner than I first thought. She is like a little sponge, absorbing everything right now. We are working on K Lesson 10... W-w-waterfall. We have an abundance of stickers, all in a pouch (the "sticker pouch" as it's been called for years), so for the tactile activity, I had Katie write a capitol W and lower case w on a sheet of paper and then place stickers on top of the letters. She loved it! How simple! During that activity, she said "I love school!" Who wouldn't when you get to use stickers?!!

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  1. I am feeling like ECC is much more than Adventures, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm looking forward to starting Mexico next week, so thanks for sharing! My son has been WANTING his's been hard to wait so long!