Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Katie's Zoo

Today, our 6-yr-old decided that she would be a zoo-keeper. She brought all her stuffed animals down to the living room and set them up in "exhibits" and then proceded to give me a tour of the zoo. This, of course, was after she swiped my zoo card at the "entrance" (a stool in the hallway)! All the monkeys were in one exhibit, the zebras in another, and so on. Somehow, when she showed me the dog exhibit, our pet dog made her way in! It was too cute. What great fun she had telling me all about the animals in her zoo! The girl loves her animals!

Giraffe Exhibit:
Opossum Exhibit:
Monkey Exhibit:
Dog Exhibit:
(Yes, the dog on the left is our pet, Maggie!)
Zebra Exhibit:
Bird Exhibit:
Zookeeper Katie:
Upon entry, I even got a magnifying glass to examine the animals more closely!

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  1. So sweet! Reminds me of things my girls do with their animals. :) I laughed when I saw that was really your 'real' pet on the chair and not a stuffed animal.