Friday, March 8, 2013

Revolutionary War Wrap-Up


We are finally finished with our study of the Revolutionary War.  We spent extra time on it because we did so much with it.  Honestly, it was too much!  Oh well.  We sure did learn a lot.  We read lots of books, printed and cut lots of lapbook pieces (many haven't made their way into the lapbook yet), started assembling a lapbook, wrote notebook summaries, made a fun timeline, watched some Liberty's Kids videos (and others), and made berry ink.  In addition, we had mild illnesses and dentist appointments that held us up a bit, and we had a snow day.  My head is spinning!

Making berry ink and using the quill pen was a challenging activity for both of the kids.  But, once they got the hang of it, we all enjoyed it!

The timeline turned out great, and we included some important Revolutionary figures along with it.  These free printables are found here.


Our plants are off to a good start.  I hope the growth continues.  I'm new to this light hut/greenhouse thing.  We've kept a plastic cover over the flat and don't know how long to keep it on.  I suppose that will require more web searching.  :)

In the process of finding great educational websites and free printables, I decided to create Pinterest boards to help me organize these sites by subject.  I just love seeing pictures and descriptions of these sites, along with my personal notes about them.  What a time saver!

I'm hoping this is our last snow of the season.  At least we built a nice snowman!  (Actually, I think she's a snowgirl!)


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