Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Best Unplanned Valentine's Day

 "We love because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19)

I don't think my kids will ever know how unplanned this day was.  Somehow, I managed to pull all sorts of goodies out of the magic hat, or shall I say heart?

Last night, I scanned my Valentine board on Pinterest, and found a few ideas I knew I could pull off last minute.  One thing that was super quick and easy was a free printable that I placed in a frame on the piano before I went to bed.

This morning, before the kids got up, I made a batch of puppy chow and mixed in some Valentine M&Ms and sprinkles.  I placed it in pink mugs on plates that were hiding in a closet.  Perfect!

For breakfast, I made heart-shaped pancakes colored with red food coloring.  The kids thought they were the best ever!

In the pantry, I found a strawberry cake mix and just the right ingredients for homemade icing.  So, I made cupcakes.  The big ones went on the cake plate my mother in-law gave me.  It was a wedding gift they received many years ago, and now I get to enjoy it.

The baby cupcakes fit nicely in an old metal heart-shaped pan that I found at an antique mall a few weeks ago.


I couldn't stop there.  I made a quick trip to the store for a pack of Reece Cup Hearts (hubby's favorite), a bag of caramel hershey kisses, and some strawberries.  You might have guessed that I made chocolate covered strawberries.  Don't they look pretty on my vintage/antique (?) crystal plate?

I remembered having two Valentine tins tucked away, and paper doilies that I've had for years.  I put the doilies inside the tins and filled the tins with goodies for the kids.  Hubby's treats went into a red bowl.  I made the chocolate hearts out of the leftover chocolate from the strawberries.  For the hershey kisses, I stamped some small Valentine images, punched them out with a 3/4" circle punch and glued them to the bottom of the kisses.  I also punched some zebra striped paper.  How fun is that?


And here's the entire Valentine treat spread.  One would never know that none of it was pre-planned!

 Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. We always enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day with our kids. It is right up there with Christmas. Since I was out of commission the kids cooked an incredible gourmet dinner and everyone dressed up, as we always do. It was simply wonderful. Not that we need to have a special day to show our families what they mean to us, but how nice it is to have an excuse to kick back and do just that.