Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Old Silk Road

Several years ago, my husband's aunt went on a business trip to China and brought us some goodies: a couple of silk sling bags and a wooden fan. I'm so glad to have these things to share with the girls, especially while learning about the history of China and how important silk trade was.

I'm finding it a little difficult to read some of the history of China because of the pronunciation of names.  But I think we're getting the gist of it, which is what's important for now.  Learning about the Great Wall of China and the process of silk production were certainly highlights this week.

Katie decided to start taking notes while I read, which made my heart dance!  Her notes include drawings, so they are fun to look at and interpret!

We started the Apologia Astronomy book this week and the girls created covers for their astronomy notebooks.  Together, we came up with a mnemonic phrase to remember the order of the planets from the sun: My Very Early Morning Jeans Stay Under Plants. 

We had a bit of a light week because I'm having a lot of pain from a kidney stone.  It's a 7mm stone, which is kind of big for a kidney stone.  I hope I'm able to pass it without intervention.   It's extremely painful.

This last part of my post is kind of random but I had forgotten to post these pictures last month, so bare with me!  These are Katie's St. Patrick's Day decorations...

She made these completely on her own, as a surprise gift to us.  She used a paper cup, construction paper and her imagination!  And don't you just love the position of the leprechaun's legs?

This last picture is of cinnamon chips we made last month to substitute for lefse, which is a food the Vikings enjoyed.  Our version was easier and made with ingredients we had handy (flour tortillas, cooking spray, and cinnamon/sugar).  Plus, I've made them before and wanted to keep it simple.

We opted out of taking a Spring Break because we are going to Florida soon enough and didn't want too much time off.  Did anyone else take a break this spring?

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