Friday, March 30, 2012

Reading: A Good Find!

Whenever I find a book that engages my kids, I feel the need to share it!  Work a Day Doings written by Emma Serl and published in 1914 is truly a classic.  A timeless treasure.  I downloaded it for my Nook Color for FREE on the Google Books website, although I have to say that it would be worth purchasing a hard copy if one could be found. 

Work a  Day Doings is a collection of short stories.  Tonight, Katie read the story of Mr. Squirrel.  Aside from the brilliant writing that incorporated humor and factual information in a fictitious story, it captured Katie's attention right from the beginning!  This is the type of book that has great potential to turn struggling and/or reluctant readers into those who may actually get excited to pick up a book for pleasure.  The repetition of some phrases helps the reader to learn more complex words while provoking her mind to remember and comprehend the story as she is reading it.

Many of Emma Serl's books are available for free download on your computer and/or digital reading device.  I'm one who loves the feel of an actual book, but I'm also thankful to acquire digital freebies when I can.  Why are they free?  Well, in this case, the book is so old that the copyright has expired, which makes it free domain.  Google Books has a vast selection of free digital downloads, and you don't necessarily need a special reading device to be able to read them.  Most, if not all, can be read on your computer.  Even though I enjoy the physical touch of a book, it's a nice change to read off a screen sometimes.

If you enjoy a Charlotte Mason style of reading/schooling or if you're looking to try something new in reading, I encourage you to go check out some of Emma Serl's books, and hope that you'll find them as helpful and enjoyable as we have.

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  1. FREE! How nice! I will go check this out.
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