Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog Design

I know I should be more content and just leave the template alone.  But, I wasn't content and I messed with (again) and can't seem to figure things out.  My header will not center across the page.  I took  the picture banner off to see if that made a difference.  It did not.  So, I'm in the process of creating a new banner.  But how do I get it to be centered across the page?

Also, the background is not as vivid as it should be.  I used the advanced template settings and made all the backgrounds transparent so that the template I'm using will show.  But, it's not showing bright like it should. 

Any suggestions to help me are certainly welcome!


  1. If you Google "How to center a header on Blogger" (or search or that on the Blogger help page), you should get simple instructions to easily change the html. I do not know html well at all, but I was able to do that - even as recently as last week on one of my blogs. To edit html, you'll go onto your "blog design" page and click on the tool icon at the bottom of the "posts" box. Good luck! :^)

  2. Hi, Lisa.

    Pop over to Brianna's blog and leave her a comment. Tell her you are a friend of mine and she will fix it or walk you through fixing it. She is a genius at these things. No she does not get that from her mother. ☺