Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Back!

I've been terrible at keeping up with this blog during the summer!  I'm going to make an effort to do better.  And more than that, I'm going to try to remember to add something special every day.  I'm taking a journey with my friends in a Bible study by James MacDonald called Lord, Change My Attitude.  What a great study!  Every night, we are supposed to write five things that we are thankful for that day on an index card.  So, I thought that maybe I could just write them on my blog.  I'll post my things at the end.

First, I'll try to catch you up.  Our summer activities have included going to the outdoor pool at the YMCA, playing in the yard, going on bike rides & walks, having s'mores, and going to our co-op's park days.  Emily is still in gymnastics and is going two nights a week now that she's on the training team.  Each night is two hours so she's pretty exhausted when she's finished!  The swimming and running around playing all day results in two sleepy kids and one tired mom!  But what fun we're having!  Rainy days are spent doing a little school work.  We haven't been too consistent with doing any summer school work and I keep promising myself that we'll create a schedule and stick to it.  HA!  I'm trying.

Today, we had a park day with the co-op.  It was so nice to enjoy a beautiful day talking with other moms while the kids played with each other at the park.  We had great conversation and didn't leave until 4:00 or so.  We came home to find Hubby in the yard planting some shrubs we bought, so I decided to join in on the yard work even though I was tired.  We accomplished a lot!  We had a huge pile of large pieces of broken up concrete from our old stoop that sat in the yard for 2 years.  I emphasize the word had because I moved them all tonight - all by myself!  I chalked it up as my weight-lifting & cardio in one!  I moved them behind some shrubs near the house where we have a major problem with thistle.  I'm hoping these large rocks will help cut down on the growth of those stupid weeds!  I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the yard and maybe rack your brains about what we can do in our yard to keep from seeing the eyesore of a pool in our neighbor's yard (besides a privacy fence).  Don't get me wrong, they have every right to have a pool in their yard.  I just don't want to look at the big blue thing all the time.  So I want to plant things or do something to disctract from it.  You'll see what I mean when I post pictures.  If we had one, I wouldn't blame the neighbors one bit for doing the same thing.

This brings me to write the five things I'm thankful for today.

 Today, I am thankful for...

  • the priveledge of studying God's Word with my closest friends.
  • a beautiful day - perfect temps with little or no humidity - so we could enjoy our park day.
  • the energy God gave me to help Hubs in the yard.
  • having control over food (today).
  • Hubs grilling our dinner so that I didn't have to cook!

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  1. I'm glad you're back. I'll admit it's hard to write everyday, but when I make a blog book, it will be neat to read what we didi all summer long. :)