Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summer Math ???

Just a thought.  I've heard some say that they sprinkle some math in over the summer months in order to keep it fresh.  I'm thinking about doing this.  Nothing too formal.  Just thought we could do one to three lessons a week and maybe that will help us ease into a full schedule in the fall.  Can you believe I'm already thinking of fall?  Any thoughts???


  1. I agree with doing math during the summer. The kids forget all of it if we don't. My kids are up so early, so it's not a problem to hand them a page to do. If we do it from the beginning, they won't know any difference.

    Also I bought the deluxe for ECC. But I'm not gonna buy it for CtG. I won't do the art or music stuff. :)

  2. We at least keep up with math and reading throughout the summer. Keeps my brain and theirs moving :) Although we might go a little further in the summer with school. We'll see have a blessed day!