Friday, December 4, 2009

Science - Arches

The strength of an arch was proven in our science experiment today.  We carefully cracked four eggs at one end and  poured them into a bowl to scramble and eat for lunch.
Then we stuck tape around the center of each egg and carefully cracked the open end off until we reached the tape. This allowed the eggs to sit on their own with the arch side up.
Next, we place all four egg shells on the counter and placed books on them until the eggs completely cracked.
Our eggs held over 9 1/2 pounds of books!

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  1. Schooling in December is so distracting. The kids are so excited and I can't focus. I can't start Europe now anyways. I can't teach some then take a break. We do a continent then a break. Darn these sicknesses. I'd be done with Europe by Christmas if we didn't have them. But, if I were to keep going, with only one week off for Christmas, we'd be done in May. So, I'm thinking, if we take off December, we'd be done in June, like everyone else. We tend to get school done before lunch, so if I had to smash two weeks into one, we could.

    I also live in MI and we don't have to submit anything and don't have the 180 days we have to reach. We're learning everyday, even if we don't do the curriculum. The last two weeks are our choice anyways, so in my eyes, those are make-ups or we can just be done.

    I'm trying not to stress this year. The summer ALWAYS has rainy days that we're stuck indoors with nothing to do. I can always teach them. They're always up too early for playing outside. I might as well teach them for an hour or so.

    Sorry this was long and all over the place. :)