Monday, March 12, 2012

Viking Runestones

We have been learning about Vikings in My Father's World, Rome to the Reformation.  Today, we made Viking runestones.  We were supposed to do this project last week but the weather was so nice that we took advantage of spending more time outside.  Today was perfect since it rained all day.

The Vikings used letters called runes and they carved their writing and designs on stone or wood.  We used air-dry clay and real clay tools, which made the carving much smoother.

I think Emily's is supposed to say "Writing Fun"
but she may have mixed up some letters...

Katie decided to make a sword and carve designs into it...

And I made a family crest...

Fun project!


  1. We did that activity with Adventures a few years ago and had just as much fun. :^)

  2. I love the rune stones, they look very good!